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Retirement Plans Administration Outsourcing

SandMartin’s journey with Third Party Administrators stared started way back in 1998, when outsourcing was still a mystical concept. By delivering progressive Retirement Plan solutions, we understand the responsibility that comes with outsourcing projects. Therefore we bring years of experience to our clients as an extension of Sunil Goel and Associates, Chartered accountants in serving TPA’s in the US.

We have a dedicated team for both Balance Forward & Daily Valuation form of Record Keeping which comprises of trained professional ranging from preparation ofPlan Documents, Trust Accounting, Payroll and Loan Processing Distribution, Year End compliance testing, IRS Form 5500 and preparation of 1099R’s, 5558, 5330 and so on,making us a “one stop shop” for the entire 401(k) needs of a TPA with unparalleled commitment. We are capable of working on any 401(k) administration software that is being used as we already have proficiency of working on majority of software being used in the US.

The team has experience on working with various broker statements like John Hancock, ING, Great West, Hartford, American Funds, Transamerica, Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, Vanguard, Ohio National and more. The team prepares the Final Plan Valuation papers which are properly linked in a manner that it can be easily reviewed & directly sent to the client also. All activities are aimed to produce quality output and save the US administrator time while review.

The services we offer include:

SandMartin has been preparing Plan Documents for various TPAs for Defined Contribution Plans including Volume Submitter Plans. We also assist TPAs on the restatement of the plan documents.

At SandMartin we have developed an in-house Microsoft Access based software for data scrubbing so that the data being imported in the Administration software is error free.

Our team has been processing loans and distribution as well as IRA rollover for our various clients. They have been processing and disbursing the loans/distribution after the request has been forwarded by the US client. It did include the preparation of loan/distribution packages financial vendors like ‘John Hancock’, ‘ING’, ‘American Funds’, ‘Mass Mutual’, ‘Transamerica’ etc.

We have been doing TA for large number of plans and has experience on all the major type brokerage statement.

SandMartin has been assisting various TPAs in the annual compliance testing for quailed retirement plans. These includes Coverage test, Annual Addition Limit, ER Deductible, general test, ADP/ACP test and 414(s) compensation test etc. In addition in case the plan fails the testing we calculate the corrective distribution refunds for the HCEs (in case of ADP/ACP test) along with the GAP earnings or the QNEC/QMAC to be allocated to all Non-Excludable NHCEs if the client so desires. The same is also applicable for ‘Top-Heavy’ minimum contribution calculation if required.

We have prepared over 10,000 5500’s for both small and large plans with all the applicable schedules & SAR to be distributed to the participants.

We prepare customized annual reports for our clients for better reporting and compliance purposes.


At SandMartin we are committed to provide our clients a complete basket of services to take care of their entire Retirement Plan requirements.



Payroll, Loan, Contribution, Distribution & Rollover, Processing

Other Miscellaneous Work Like Preparation of 1099RS, 5558, SS-4 ETC.

Annual Report to Client & Annual Statements to Participants

Signature Ready IRS Form 5500 with Applicable Schedules * SAR

Preparation & Analysis of Various Year - End Compliance Tests

Comprehensive Trust Accounting

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SandMartin - Logo - White.png
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