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Bagels & Biz: 6 key learnings from Kendra Ramirez

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

In this episode of Bagels and Biz Steve King, Chief Executive Officer of People at Your Service, sat down with Kendra Ramirez, Chief Executive Officer of The Kendra Ramirez Agency. Kendra shared her story of growth and lessons she has learned founding and growing her own successful business.

Be curious

Always be continuously learning and seeking out knowledge. Ask questions, desire to learn and grow. What would your future self say to you today?

You are the company you keep

Continue to surround yourself with great people. Kendra shared that her parents pushed her to better herself and she grew up surrounded by hard working people. When you are surrounded by successful people it gives you a vision of where you want to go and they push and guide you in your journey.

Have conviction

Find your gift and value it, your gift brings value to others. You have to believe in your idea, others will tell you it’s not a good idea but take the advice they are giving. Remember to be coachable but confident in your idea.

Know your money story

How do you know what to charge? There wasn’t anyone doing digital 14 years ago when Kendra started. She suggests knowing your own personal financial goals and working the numbers backwards. Think about how many clients you need to reach the number you want to hit. You may be surprised, businesses are often willing to pay more than you think.

Let go

Your business will grow. Let go of what you aren’t good at and trust someone else to handle it. Letting go allows others to experience their zone of genius. A great resource on letting go is EMyth.

Ask “Who do I know”

Don’t get stuck in how you are going to get this done ask yourself “Who do I know that can help me get this done.” Change the conversation from how am I going to do this to who do I know that can help me and it will transform your business.

Want to learn more?

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