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People At Your Service Launches Bagels & Biz

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure to serve dozens of clients, mostly SMB clients; in the fractional, functional role of sales or growth leader. In that fractional capacity, I served either as the direct line growth leader on the executive leadership team or working alongside of the direct line growth or sales leader to help companies develop and implement their sales playbook, build and coach their team, and ultimately attain growth.

When I launched my business in 2016 I named it “People At Your Service”, always with the intention of being both service and servant-hearted, with the intention of there being “people”, not necessarily as W-2 employees, but as a collaborative team with a similar heart and passion for serving the needs of SMB clients.

Over the last three or more years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some really great fractional, functional leaders, both in the sales and marketing area as well as in many other key functional executive leadership areas that clients and prospective clients need to run their business.

With that said, it’s my pleasure today to announce the first monthly People At Your Service Bagels & BIZ ZOOM Webinar on Friday, May 8, 8:30–9:45 a.m.

As we all anxiously look forward to re-opening for business, we recognize the push and pull that all of us as SMBs face with continuing to manage through and survive the pandemic while beginning to dream and plan for post-pandemic opportunities for growth and success.

As you begin dreaming of growth and start to make plans, undoubtedly, people and talent will play a key role. To that end, People At Your Service has assembled an all-star panel of leading fractional, functional local market leaders to address the following:

Fractional talent solutions for SMBs, innovative ways to compete with the big guys, and how to leverage fractional talent and the gig economy to fuel your business for a post-pandemic lift off!”

Whether your company regularly embraces fractional talent; has considered using fractional talent; or has no idea what “fractional” talent means, we invite you to join for a robust discussion covering:

· Case studies and applications for fractional, functional talent

· How fractional, functional talent can supplement and support your current W-2 team

· What companies are considering or doing as we get through this pandemic together

And, if you are currently a fractional executive, or considering a future as a fractional executive, we welcome you to join and share your experience and / or your questions. I can assure you, there is no better group of experts to learn from than our panelists:

Kendra Ramirez – Chief Marketing Officer

Kendra helps her clients get the most out of their business development efforts and extend their marketing and recruiting initiatives to get real results from their digital endeavors.

Mike Womack, Esq. – Fractional Chief Human Resources Officer

Mike works with companies to formulate and implement an Human Resources strategy that aligns with organizational goals regarding growth, customer service, and employee engagement.

Todd Wilkowski, Esq. – Fractional GC

Todd serves as outside general counsel to private and family-owned businesses of all sizes. He provides timely, practical, strategic, and value-added insight regarding all legal and risk issues.

Stephanie Polen – Fractional Coach

Stephanie uses her executive experience in high growth industries to lead teams through change and drive business results. She focuses on developing both teams and individuals to their fullest potential.

Paul Spencer - Fractional Chief Operations Officer

Paul specializes in leading, building, and mentoring teams and companies towards growth focusing on technology and business processes. 

Todd Pfister – Fractional CFO

Todd concentrates on maximizing value for closely held business owners. He provides companies with solid financial expertise which has been gained through his career in a broad range of industries.

Steve King – Panel Host, President of People At Your Service

Steve started his fractional career as a Fractional Sales Leader. In 2019, he founded People At Your Service, and he currently works to help small-to-mid-sized businesses find creative talent solutions.

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