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Building A Different Kind of Company

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Introducing People At Your Service 2.0

At People At Your Service (PAYS), we’re working hard to build a different kind of a business. It’s a work in progress but we believe we’re creating something unique.

PAYS is an early stage start up in a space that’s might not seem unique or innovative at first glance. We operate in the outsourced lead generation and appointment setting to serve and support small and mid-size businesses for scalable growth.

You’re probably asking yourself - “what’s so “different” about that?” Let me tell you!

Our purpose is... “To serve others by investing our talents to drive growth.” That looks like driving growth in the following areas: People, Revenue, Profit, Community, & Kingdom.

Let’s unpack those…

  • People: We care about people – our team; our clients; their clients. It all starts with the people! Growing and investing in people isn’t just a concept, it’s the heartbeat of how we work and engage.

  • Revenue & Profit: We know our work needs to produce results. Businesses don’t exist unless they can do this for themselves and for the clients they serve. We do the work of outreach for our clients to generate consistent results that produce growth.

  • Community: We believe we are better in community. 1+1 should equal 3 or more! We work collaboratively within our team and clients to increase learning, problem solving, and cooperation.

  • And, for the Kingdom because there is definitely something beyond this world!

Now that you understand what drives us, let me tell you how we’re making this happen…

We think of ourselves like a baseball minor-league farm system for our team. We value teaching; we have a passion for developing talent. We want to see each of our team members grow and get to their next level; whatever that next level might be for each of them. We work really, really hard at this – it’s in our DNA!

Just like the minor leagues, it’s great when people move up to their next team by growing and take their next step. We truly, truly celebrate this and want the best for each of our team members!

Let me be clear - we are still playing to win games and we do so by having great team members on our team.

We’ve built a model that onboards team members quickly - they can actually make a meaningful contribution on day 1! We play hard to win games for our clients - growing their revenue and their profit!

Because of this system, we embrace when people move on and we celebrate their success. We don’t ever want to hold anyone back. We support; we counsel; we develop; we coach… we serve.

In this age of gig economy and the Great Resignation; this difference should be the new norm. We are an employee-centric company aimed at growing each employee. It raises the challenge – How realistic is it that employees (Team Members) here at PAYS will be on any singular “Team” for a really long period of time? Isn’t it more likely that people will be on multiple “Teams” over any singular decade of their work life?

Yes - Most people will play for multiple teams.

In other words, we understand that they’re not going to be with PAYS forever. Our goal isn’t just retention, it’s growth. It’s skills development. It’s personal and organizational success. It’s championing each of our teammate’s growth as they progress in their careers through both internal promotions and external opportunities.

We believe what might be seen as different now can (and will) become the norm in employee development.

Here’s the data from an article recently on career changes - "It is estimated that most people will have 12 jobs during their lives. In the last year, 32% of those 25 to 44 have considered a career change. Since starting their first job after college, 29% of people have completely changed fields." We understand that career changes happen - our goal isn't to minimize this by employee retention, but instead to maximize this through effectively growing our employees to help them be their best during their time with PAYS and beyond.

A great friend of PAYS, John McCarthy, authored an incredible book called The Purpose Promise: How to Find Purpose and Joy in Your Work. The summary of The Purpose Promise is, "Do you sense there is a great purpose designed for your life and work? Good news! You were designed on purpose for a purpose!"

We could not agree more! We work hard, every week; every month; to support the pursuit of that purpose!

We want to help each team member grow in the pursuit of their purpose, whether that’s at PAYS or somewhere else. And through all that – we’re delivering impactful results for our clients that produces scalable growth.

Maybe that’s different? We’re OK with being different.

We enjoy truly being People At Your Service!


Steve King

President; People At Your Service

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