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Bagels & Biz: Driving Change with NeuroCoaching

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Driving Change with NeuroCoaching

People At Your Service kicked off its fall 2020 speaker series with a special guest, Dr. Dan Docherty, President of BrainTrust. Dan spoke about “Driving Change with NeuroCoaching.” His company was founded on figuring out how to apply the lessons of science - specifically neuroscience - to understand how people can communicate better and more effectively - in sales, coaching and in life in general.

Science of Trust

First up was the science of trust. Everyone we ever have or ever will lead has a “trust meter” for us which determines our relationship and ultimate effectiveness as a leader because there is a correlation between credibility, respect and trust. And one way to positively influence how you’re viewed? Try being vulnerable so your people know who you really are and you can create true connections that increase your trustworthiness.

Coaching Brain and the Neuro Coaching Approach

Many of us need to learn the difference between what is a boss and what is a coach. We should all strive to be coaches meaning that we should be facilitating, helping, learning and performing. You need to challenge yourself and the leaders in your organization to drive change and learning. Why? Because by getting an employee closer to their true purpose you help drive their performance. The more you align with someone’s purpose or vision the more they will come with you, investing in themselves and honing their craft which ultimately supports your organization.

How to Drive Change

You can drive change in your organization by prioritizing motivation. If someone is motivated to change and you make it easy for them to change you will see better results. And try to make change in your organization as a metamorphic change, meaning you can’t go back. Sometimes when the pressure to change lessens, we revert back to our earlier behavior. Just as you cannot unbake a loaf of bread, true and positive change should become a permanent part of your organization.

Want to learn more?

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