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outsourced sales and marketing

As a small- to medium-sized business, you may not have all of the expertise you need on staff. That's where PAYS comes in.  Our team specializes in sales and marketing, with a goal to grow your business. 


We bring our deep experience to assist your growth by helping you:

  • Find leads and opportunities that you may not have known existed

  • Work with or become your sales force to represent your business in the marketplace

  • Hone your marketing message so it reaches the right audience 

By becoming a line partner, you not only gain a powerful ally with the ability to support your sales and marketing efforts but you become part of the PAYS business collaborative. As a part of our business collaborative, you join complementary businesses all offering an unmatched array of solutions to companies throughout the region.

Growth as a service

PAYS has three programs to help grow your business: Crawl, Walk and Run. We utilize the following services in various ways to help your business succeed:




  • Assign members of our team to prospect for and develop your business

  • Help you to identify your top prospects

  • Conduct directed networking to reach your audience

  • Provide counsel on sales, email marketing and more

Everything in Crawl plus:

  • Increase time spent prospecting each week

  • Provide up to 10 hours per month consulting with a Chief Sales Officer

  • Utilize our specialized outreach campaign tool, Growth Velocity, to reach new target markets

  • Create and manage Google ad campaigns to promote your business

  • Help develop up to 10 social media posts a month

  • Feature your business to the PAYS audience

Everything in Walk plus:

  • Even more time spent prospecting each week

  • Increase the scope of your Growth Velocity campaign

  • Provide up to 10 hours a month of consulting with a Chief Marketing Officer

  • Help develop up to 20 social media posts a month

optional on all plans

  • Work with you to develop customized email lists to best target your audience

  • Generate additional social media content and/or digital advertising across additional channels to sell your product and tell your story

Contact us to talk to one of our team members and choose the best plan for your business.

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