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Fractional Executive Leadership

We are passionate about helping successful and growing businesses in areas where they may be struggling. People at Your Service seeks to bridge the gap between an organization in need and experts in various fields by connecting the two groups. 


Our team includes many executive and senior leaders with decades of experience who are available to provide consultation part-time. If your business has reached a point where you would benefit from access to additional senior leadership and perspective but do not need full-time assistance, PAYS can help. 


We have leaders with proven, real-world experience and a history of success who specialize in:


  • Human resources

  • Business process outsourcing/contact center

  • Information technology

  • Operations

  • Marketing

  • Sales leadership and execution

  • Finance and accounting

  • General counsel

  • And more!

Engage with our executives

Our executives can be engaged in three ways: part-time or fractional leadership, an on-going or advisory role, and a focused or one-time project.

Fractional staff

As fractional staff, our talented executives will become a part of your team on a part-time basis without any of the associated overhead costs such as benefits or training.

On-going advisory role

Engaging our executives for an on-going, advisory role is perfect for when you need occasional access to functional expertise and guidance. Our team of professionals can serve as trusted advisors to help you establish your strategy and stay on track to meet your goals.

Focused, One-time project

If you need support for a focused, one-time project our executives can come in, work with you to define your project and objectives, develop a plan and then successfully execute the plan. A PAYS professional can lead the effort, serve as a supplemental resource for your team or assume responsibility for the entire project from start to finish.

Be a part of our team

PAYS is a group of talented individuals who can provide unique services for our partners and look for ways to pay it forward and assist other businesses. We are always eager to meet professionals who share a similar calling to join our network of professionals. If you are interested in being a part of an energetic and innovative organization and share our passion for growth and service while enjoying a a greater degree of flexibility, please reach out to us today

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