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People At Your Service Podcast

Episode 30

Jennifer Hafner Spieser

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Episode 30 Show Notes

Guest Info:

Jennifer Hafner Spieser
Executive Director, Cincinnati Parks Foundation


Episode Overview:

“Always be kind because you never know what someone is going through...we are human beings we’re going through something, always.” The Executive Director of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, Jennifer Hafner Spieser, dives into her life, occupation, and her love of people and nature. You will get an insight on what to look forward to in the future of Cincinnati Parks in this week’s episode of Grandma’s Comfy Couch hosted by Steve King.  

Themes & Timestamps:

  • 2:44 - Jennifer introduces herself, talks about her family values, and the job opportunities she has had 

  • 8:12 - Jennifer gives a shoutout to people of service in her life and who had influence on her 

  • 9:23 - Steve tells a short story about his wife at a younger age 

  • 10:32 - Jennifer speaks on her involvement in service and non-profit organizations 

  • 11:42 - Jennifer describes Cincinnati Parks, what they have to offer, and future plans  

  • 17:55 - Jennifer gives shoutouts and points of need for the Cincinnati Parks Foundation 

  • 21:54 - Steve applauds Jennifer’s work ethic and her attitude 

  • 22:55 - Jennifer rolls the dice and talks about the greatest blessing in her life 

  • 24:53 - Jennifer describes a place that is special to her family 

  • 26:38 - Steve gives the analogy of rock climbing in a business/marketing situation 

  • 28:02 - Jennifer gives the best way to connect with her 

  • 29:16 - Jennifer details the aspirations for Cincinnati Parks 

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