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People At Your Service Podcast

Episode 29

Tom Badger

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Episode 29 Show Notes

Guest Info:

Tom Badger 

Retired salesman/ Participant in “Remember to Laugh” 


Episode Overview:

“Improv is a life skill and is really a communication skill.” Hear Tom talk about his history and his new passion for improv with the group “Remember to Laugh”. Tom speaks on how improv is relevant to sales and how he has used it to lead a life of service. 

Themes & Timestamps:

  • 3:03 - Tom Introduces himself and explains his past jobs and non-profits he’s been part of 

  • 4:10 - Tom talks about how his mother was an influence on him and taught him how to serve others 

  • 4:50 - Tom and Steve talk about how Tom’s mom walked the walk and how he follows in that spirit  

  • 8:05 - Tom speaks about how his wife has influenced him and some of her ventures in her journey of service. 

  • 10:12 - Steve speaks on his own personal experience of Tom walking the walk 

  • 11:25 - Tom and Steve talk about how important it is for kids to understand service and the impact it has 

  • 14:20 - Steve ask about Toms history in sales, and how sales and service can correlate 

  • 14:25 - Tom talks about his history in the mortgage business and prom- spark the mixed feelings that came with it. 

  • 18:20 -  Tom talks about how he has joined an improv organization “Remember to Laugh” in honor of Alzheimer's and various charities   

  • 25:00 - Steve asks what are three things that make a successful day? 

  • 25:22 - Tom talks about laughter, love, and having his emotion moving him to tears makes his day a success 

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