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Outsourced Sales & Marketing for Top-of-Funnel Lead Generation

Specializing in revenue generating lead development using proven human-driven sales enablement processes.

We Know That Growing Your Business Can Be Hard.

There's a lot to manage in a growing business. Sales and Lead Generation can be hard to engage consistently among many necessary activities. Where do you start?


How do you find new customers?

Our tech stack generates consistent quality leads to identify your target audiences.

The Right People


How do you Reach Them?

We use an Omni-Channel approach, utilizing e-mail, Phone, & LinkedIn to reach your leads.

The Right Channels


What do you communicate to them?

We use custom and personalized message campaigns to engage leads well.

The Right Messages


How do you balance sales & lead generation?

The Right Balance

Our team generates consistent sales qualified leads so can close more deals.

PAYS Can Help!

We provide the people, technology, and proven processes to more efficiently and consistently find and reach your ideal customer profile.

PAYS keeps your funnel full by engaging in consistent lead generation and prospect engagement.

We use proven balance of marketing automation and human enabled sales activation.  

We've done the work of sorting through 9,000+ marketing and sales tech tools to develop a streamlined suite of the most effective software.

So You Can Close More Sales and Grow Your Business


PAYS Offers Three Programs to Meet Your Lead Generation and Sales Needs

We offer scalable services for solo-preneurs to small businesses to midsize organizations. We can scale alongside your business as you grow.

Help Us Get to Know Your Business So We Can Serve You Well

Does your organization have dedicated sales leadership or an internal sales team?

We don't currently have a dedicated sales role in-house.

We have some in-house sales roles already in place.

No Problem. We Can Help!

We offer two programs that give you access to our tech stack, our Sales Development Team, and fractional leadership for successful lead generation & sales growth.

Self-Serve +

Our Self-Serve + Program is great for solo-preneurs and small business owners. We help you implement our proven tech stack and give you the training and support you need to generate results.

Growth As A Service

Growth As A Service puts the PAYS team to work on your behalf to manage and implement our tech stack and sales processes to generate leads for you, including fractional sales and marketing support.


Great! Let's Keep Their Funnel Full.

Our Sales Development Reps can come alongside your current team to identify qualified leads and keep your sales team focused on closing deals and growing.

Dedicated Outsourced SDR Services

Our SDR team does dedicated outreach, sales prospecting, and appointment setting to support your ongoing sales efforts. This includes our full tech suite, sales team leadership, ongoing training for your teams, and redundancy with at least two SDRs representing your organization.


Why People At Your Service?

Real people, solving real problems,

in real time

Helping streamline offers and campaigns for sales success

We are a human-enabled sales and marketing team

combining technology and personal engagement

to help you scale growth.

Proven tech-stack that produces trusted data and viable leads

Outbound calling and communication to warm leads 

Reach new clients with efficiency and consistency

Led by a Founder with 25+ years of experience in Sales Development Leadership for companies across multiple industry verticals and sizes.​

Our curated tech stack and our Revenue Generation Team offers the right balance of automation and personal touch to most effectively find and engage prospects.​

We believe in the phone as a cornerstone of the omni-channel cold outreach and value the results calling can generate.​

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